Weekending: We had a baby!

May 17, 2016
Hey friends!

I haven’t deserted you…We had a baby!

My water suddenly broke, 12 days early, at home while I was organizing the girl’s crazy mess of shoes. It was just the girls and I at home and I panicked. My previous babies came in 3 hours after my water broke, so I was expecting this baby to pop out right away! I had a panic attack over having the baby at home by myself with the girls (talk about nightmares for years!) so I called Angelo and let him know I was driving myself to the hospital. I loaded the girl’s in the car, called my mom (who was in California and terrified I was driving myself to the hospital), called my best friend Alisha to let her know I was driving to the hospital without a hospital bag,  and pulled up to the hospital’s valet. The valet guy freaked when I told him my water broke and was there for the women’s center. LOL “What are you doing driving?!” Well…ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

Sophia was freaking out a bit and didn’t understand that my water broke. She kept asking “what broke?!” while Penelope was just tagging along. We got checked in and right when they got us into my room, Angelo arrived from work. Sophia did not like all the hospital equipment and was really worried about what was going on. Angelo took them back downstairs to meet his sister and mom. They ended up having a wonderful time with them, eating PDQ and making a trip to Target for new dresses, of course. 😉

My Hospital Experience

The first time they checked me when I arrived I was 2 cm dilated. They let me sit for a couple hours to see if I was progressing fast (like my others) but nothing was going on. Meanwhile, Alisha shows up with a two bags full of supplies for Angelo and I!

Side note: I have to give her a shout out because she was a complete blessing to me during this whole thing! Thank you Alisha!

Weekending: We had a baby!
rockwell Weekending: We had a baby!
They started the pictocin and things went from 2 to crazy. By 11 pm I was having insane contractions and asked for the epidural. GIVE ME THE DRUGS!
The pictocin was turned back on.

This time I couldn’t feel any contractions but the nurse kept me informed that they were definitely there. They wrapped my legs around something called “the peanut”. A big ball in the shape of a peanut. These peanut balls are used to promote dilation and descent of baby.

This little thing worked and baby was dropped down in position in no time. Dilated at 8cm and basically ready to go, I kept telling the nurse I think the baby was coming because I felt a lot of pressure on my pelvic bone. The doctor was called in and by the time the doctor came in to check me, I was fully dilated and ready to push.

Two pushes later, a precious little baby came into this world! All I could see at that moment was his head and the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck 3 times! He was crying, so it wasn’t tight, but still alarming. The doctor unwrapped it and Angelo yelled out “It’s a boy!”
I think I replied with a “For real?!”

Getting closer to baby time!

The anesthetist who administered the epidural made a last minute guess on the gender. She guessed Boy coming in at 7.1 lbs. (All the nurses started making their guesses and it was mix between girl and boy.) I told her my epidurals never worked and I was really hoping she’d break that trend. She absolutely did and I was completely numb. Weirdest feeling in the world! I got nervous about how I was going to know if the baby was coming or not. They let me know I would start feeling lots of pressure down there when baby was coming. Um..ok!

So, just when I think we’re close to the grand finale, my contractions slowed wwayyyy down to almost nothing. I found out they had taken me off the pictocin before they gave me the epidural to not have things go to fast and stress out the baby.

Welcome Home

Mr. Rockwell had arrived at 2:24 am at 7.1 pounds and 19.5 oz (The anesthetist was absolutely correct…and later came in to tell me that was totally weird and she’s never right. LOL)

To say the least, everything about this experience was quite the surprise. This was all 100% different than any other birth of mine, and still an amazing experience. I’ve never gone early (both girls were born at 40 weeks), I hadn’t even unpacked the bassinet or any of my recent Amazon purchases, I didn’t have a hospital bag packed, and it was a boy!

I think the stress of my mom not being here and the minor detail of half my family saying “Don’t have that baby until we get back!” actually put me into labor. 🙂 I started having contractions the night they left…go figure.  Plus I had so much to do with the new house that day and carrying marble slabs into the house probably didn’t help either. Oopsies!

rockwell Weekending: We had a baby!


Recovery went OK. I had a lot of bleeding and clotting, so they put me on another IV bag of pictocin to contract my uterus and help stop the bleeding. Hello massive contractions and hello percocet. All is now well.

We had some great visitors before we left the hospital on Saturday morning. Since I had maybe 3 boy outfits in total, Angelo’s mom, Alisha, and my good friend Lyndsey made sure Rockwell didn’t go home without clothes to wear. I also did A LOT of online shopping during that 24 hour hospital recovery time.

At home, we are currently resting (as much as you can with 2 toddlers) and getting adjusted to our new normal. Rock’s big sisters absolutely adore him, love holding him and giving him kisses. They can’t wait for him to play!  🙂

Welcome to the family Mr. Rockwell!

Before I go, remember my Instagram post with the Mini Doughnut Factory doughnuts, saying that someone should make sure I had them in my hospital room after delivery? Well, that totally happened!!! Thank you Bethany for this amazing delicious surprise. This was all that was left after my girl’s got their tiny fingers on them. 🙂


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