Weekending: Ulele Surprises & Par4Miler

March 7, 2016
Hi friends! How was your weekend?

Ours was so jammed packed I can’t remember the last time I felt so busy on a weekend. We basically lived in our car yesterday! These kinds of weekends are great though because it means you have lots of family, friends, and fun, right?! It also makes you appreciate the slow and quiet weekends.


Friday night we laid low and had a quiet dinner at home. I picked some tomatoes from the Tower Garden and made some tasty munchies.

Saturday Adventures

Saturday morning my squad terrorized the neighborhood while I attended a baby shower to shower a beautiful lady and her upcoming baby girl with love.

Saturday evening we surprised my mom for her birthday dinner at Ulele. My dad took her for a nice afternoon stroller on the Tampa Riverwalk and they spent the afternoon at the park reading books on the park benches. They made their way down to Ulele where my mom thought she put their name on the hour long wait list. Little did she know her family was waiting upstairs for her at a table. I joked with my brother that she might actually prefer a quiet dinner with just dad. LOL (She rarely gets quiet dinners these days with us living with them.) But the girls did great, plus Ulele is a kid-friendly place surrounded by green grass for them to run around in.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect this weekend either! When we were done with dinner we walked outside to the sun setting. Picture perfect
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