Weekending: I’m really into burgers

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April 11, 2016

Happy Monday? This Monday may be the Monday-est of all Mondays for me in a LONG time. One of those Mondays when you think about letting the kids skip school so  you can just lay in bed for a couple more hours.  But then you remember about the two appointments you have today and the thought of bringing your kids to these “boring” appointments sounds like the worst idea ever. Yeah..they definitely went to school today! Then I headed over to my first appointment, my 34 week check up! Everything is A-OK!

Our weekend was full of fun stuff and my body is feeling all the aftermath of all that fun stuff today. I’m a little sore from walking around Busch Gardens yesterday. Well, I take that back. There was a lot more than just walking. Yesterday involved climbing playgrounds, guiding a toddler through rope ladders, pushing a double stroller around, and running after a toddler who has selective hearing on occasion. 😉 I think I’m going to book myself  a massage. You have no idea how good of an idea that sounds like right now!

Our weekend went like this:

Friday night was soccer practice, followed by a trip to the mall for makeup and dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. The actual reason we went to the mall was to get my phone fixed, but I missed my appointment. My phone has been constantly freezing for the past month and for some reason I haven’t gone in to get it fixed yet. It’ll freeze constantly…sometimes for 5 seconds and sometimes for 3 hours! My instagram has been a little quiet the past week since it’ll take me an hour to post a picture. That hopefully ends today because I have an appointment at Apple…again.
weeknging: really into burgers

Sunday Funday

Sunday was church and Busch Gardens!
FYI: The Zagora Cafe at Busch Gardens changed their chicken tenders and I am SO disappointed. (I should of ordered a burger!)
So aside from the nasty chicken tenders, Busch Gardens is always a great time! The girls had an absolute blast = momma happy!

Now that I think about it I’m kicking myself for even ordering chicken tenders at Busch Gardens during the Food & Wine Festival! LOL oh well..there is always a next time and so many other food options to explore.

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!


Saturdays are busy!
Saturday mornings are soccer games for the next few weeks! Sophia impresses me every weekend with her drive and skill on the field! I think she is such a natural athlete! She goes from a precious gentle ballerina in a tutu  to a fierce soccer player in cleats!
Saturday afternoon we had our last family photo shoot as a family of 4! We did a total fancy theme and the girls stole the show. Penelope lasted a good 20 minutes into the photo session, then took her headband off and decided she didn’t want to pose or smile anymore. She would only give the photographer her “serious” look (RBF)  so we all did serious faces a lot to match her. LOL I guess she’s in charge…

We did capture some lovely moments before the “OK I’m done listening” happened. Pictures with toddlers…enough said!

Saturday dinner plans were Bar Taco, but the wait was crazy long so we headed over to BurgerFI instead. I’ve been wanting to try it, so glad we got the chance! I’ve really been into burgers the past couple of weeks and this “Breakfast All Day Burger” did not disappoint!

Angus burger, American cheese, bacon, maple syrup, fried egg, hash brown, grilled onions and ketchup all nestled inside a hamburger bun with a “BurgerFI” stamped on it.  Seriously…you can’t go wrong! I want one right now…

weekending: really into burgers lately
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