Weekending: Flavor Runs & Bad Boys

September 12, 2016

Friends! How is it going?!
When’s the last time I did a “weekending” post?! I don’t know, but why did I ever stop? I know, I know, I’ve stopped a lot of blogging these couple months. I’ve been so scattered brained since Rock arrived in our world, but the good thing about that is I have 10 blog posts half done, almost ready to go. That should make up for all my unexcused absences. 🙂 See? I do love you bloggy blog! 🙂

I’m currently dying on this Monday after a fun filled weekend of color runs, birthday parties, and the Bad Boy Reunion tour! Yes, you read that right!  It was such an amazing weekend I felt I had to share! It was fun packed but didn’t feel too packed, if ya know what I mean. We had a lot of down time and did more house organization, so it felt like the perfect mixture of fun and productivity. The best mixture there ever was.

Friday night we didn’t do much. What parents really DO stuff on Friday nights?! 😉 Angelo went to have a beer with a bud after work while I cooked dinner and hung outside with the girls. Have I mentioned I LOVE sitting outside and watching the sunset almost every day? It’s one of my favorite things to do! I swear we have the best sunsets here…but then again, I’ve never been to Hawaii. (Bucket list)

Plus, when this is your backyard, why would you sit inside?! (Besides Mosquitos…)

Saturday we woke up early to get our Flavor Run on! The girls love participating in these races and I love that they love them even more! I never actually run during these (seeing that I’m carrying a baby half the time). but as a runner who loves to do “serious” races, it’s refreshing to get your kids out there and a group of friends to just walk and chat with!


flavorrungroup Team Al2getherFIT! (Missing a few)

After the run, we tried our bests to get the rainbow off of us, got our bathing suits on, and headed out for a dear friend’s 30th birthday party, Flamingo style. We “Flamingled with some Fineapple Friends!”!
There may have been some miserable attempts at cheerleading stunts. This is cheerleading at 30…or are we just sad excuses for ex-cheerleaders? We try…

Sunday night P.Diddy had a party concert in Tampa! We made it our first Parent’s Night Out in a long long time and sang and danced all night. We had a good time “adulting”, pretending we were back in 1999…when we weren’t being adults. It was a blast, so if he’s coming to your city, GO! You will feel like you’re jamming out in your middle school gym locker room all over again. It was glorious and if you want to watch the whole concert for free, just look at my snapchat. 🙂
pdiddy Crappy SnapChat picture

Besides the weekend craziness, last week I was on my A-game with work and getting the house together. (Why I was blog absent..)
Although nothing officially got “completed” I feel like I made 100 steps in the right direction. It’s a slow slow process, so bear with me.

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!


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