Twenty Vacation Planning Tips

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May 10, 2024
Planning for a family vacation is a sure way of making a mom go a little nutty. Finding the resort, plane tickets, transportation, meals, etc., without draining your savings account or mind is quite the task. One almost has to take a day off work just to plan it all out. Whether you’re leaving for an extended time or short time, here’s a few tips and reminders to make your vacation planning go smoothly.

1. Make Sure All Passports Are Up To Date.

2. Apply for TSA Precheck and/or Global Entry.

These just make your airport and traveling life easier. TSA Precheck doesn’t take as long to receive as Global Entry, but many times if you apply, you can schedule your interviews right there at the airport while you wait for your plane!

3. Pick the Weeks You’d Like to Travel and Be Flexible With Dates.

4. If You Book Way in Advance, Make Sure to Purchase Travel Insurance.

Twenty Vacation Planning Tips
Twenty Vacation Planning Tips

5. Use apps like Skyscanner, Google Flights, and Hopper to find the best prices for flights.

This is where you benefit from being flexible. TIP: While searching, make sure to clear your browser each time. The airline’s sites are sneaky, and prices can go up based on search habits to pressure you into booking. Don’t panic if the price jumps by hundreds of dollars in minutes.

6. Book resorts and airline tickets with a credit card

and collect benefits like early check-in, airport lounge access, and accumulating points and miles!

7. Make arrangements for your pets.

I always do this right after purchasing our plane tickets, because that’s what makes the vacay official.

8. Use Pinterest, Instagram, and Tiktok

for some of the best ideas for things to do in the city you’re traveling to. Simply search that city in the search bars on each app!

9. Don’t overpack your itinerary.

*Raises hand in guilt* I want to do all.the.things while we’re in a different part of the world, but I also need an open spot on the schedule to relax and take in our surroundings. This is important when traveling with kids and some of the best moments on vacation are the spontaneous ones.

Twenty Vacation Planning Tips

Days Before Your Leave

10. Confirm All Reservations.

11. Check the weather and make sure you packed adequate clothing.

12. Stop ordering online or have the shipping date be for after you come back home.

Unless you have a house-sitter who will bring in packages each day.

13. Have your mail put on hold

if you’re gone for more than 2 weeks.

14. If your bills aren’t autopay, pay all the ones that are due while you’re gone.

15. Check your prescriptions

To make sure you have enough so you don’t run out.

16. If traveling internationally

Call your phone service provider to set up your international plan.

17. Make copies of your IDs, passports, and credit cards

and keep somewhere other than your wallet/purse.

18. Clean out your purse and leave all unnecessary items at home.

*If heading to Europe, Amex is not widely accepted, so make sure you bring a VISA or Mastercard in your wallet*

19. Start eating your perishable food.

Throw out anything that will spoil or mold.

20. Leave your itinerary with a family member or friend.

It’s always a good idea for someone at home to know your plans in case of emergency.

Twenty Vacation Planning Tips

Lock your doors and shut the garage.

*Had to throw in a Home Alone reference*

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