Top Five Easter Hosting Tips

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March 31, 2023
I love hosting Easter because I feel like there is less stress involved in this celebration than most holidays. Host a simple stress free Easter with your closest family and friends with these tips!
Top 5 Easter Hosting Tips
Keep It Simple With Florals

1. Keep It Simple With Florals

Easter doesn’t need much more than colorful flowers and a few pastel easter eggs. Leave the cheap themed decorations and bring in fresh blooms that will last you days after the party! If you’re like me and love a big faux floral centerpiece, these can be refused every year.

2. Have a Separate Drink Station

I always clear a space for drinks and offer a few “on theme”.

Pink lemonade and sweet tea are a couple favorites for the kids. Then a Mimosa bar with orange juice and grapefruit juice for the adults. What is a brunch without mimosas?! A small platter with some cut up lemons and limes adds a perfect touch to the drink station.

Have plastic cups and a sharpie or you’ll find 44 cups around your house that nobody claims.

Outsource What You Aren’t Comfortable Making

3. Outsource What You Aren’t Comfortable Making

If you’re a baker, bake the desserts and cater for lunch.
If you’re more a cook, cater in the desserts.

This isn’t the time to try something new. Once I tried cooking a turkey for the first time at a Friendsgiving and the stress level reached about 100. Over the years, I’ve learned I’m all about the appetizers. I provide all the grazing boards and appetizers, and I ask all my family to provide the main dishes. Then, I’ll buy a couple themed cakes and baked goods from Fresh Market or Publix.

Outsource What You Aren’t Comfortable Making - Like These Easter Cupcakes!
Bunny Shaped Cinnamon Rolls for a Simple Fun Easter Breakfast!

4. Do a Simple, Yet Fun Breakfast Before

Why I felt like we needed an extravagant Easter pancake board for breakfast before church and hosting lunch is beyond me. Simple cinnamon rolls shaped into bunnies with a side of fruit is more my speed these days. The kids eat every bite and there’s very little clean up afterwards! This may also prevent meltdowns and hangry attitudes throughout the day.

Top 5 Easter Hosting Tips
Top 5 Easter Hosting Tips
Top 5 Easter Hosting Tips

5. Accept Help

As much as this one burns my soul, it’s necessary when a party is over a certain number of people. Just be specific or you’ll end up with sprinkle cookies. (Did you catch that Real Housewives reference?!) People offer all the time to make a store run for me, and I always take them up on it for simple things like ice, fruit, and sauces. If you like things a certain way, just let them know. For example: I have this thing that everything has to be presented and served on white platters. Ask your family members if they have any you can use for the party, or ask them to bring their item on the white platter. They might think you’re weird, but when did we care about that?!

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