Top Airport Hacks for Easier Travel Days

February 16, 2024
Navigating the airport may be the worst part of your trip, because they’re crowded, different in every city, and we’re stressed out and eager to make a plane. Keep these tips in mind next time you start your trip to the airport to save you time and money.

1. Weight bags before you go.

Use this digital luggage scale at home so you aren’t stuck with a hefty baggage fee.

2. TSA precheck is way worth it!

Smaller lines and not having to take off my shoes has been such a game changer while traveling, especially with 4 kids in tow.

3. Take a pic of your parking space aisle and number.

When you come back, it’ll be the first picture before all your vacation pics.

4. Pack all travel sized liquids and lotions in a separate zipper case like this.

I didn’t realize that many countries require you to have liquids in separate bags until I was already at the airport. They provide little ziplocs for you, but it’s absolute chaos in the area you’re given to do so.

5. Pack all electronics and liquids on top or somewhere easily accessible.

6. Choose the left queue.

Studies have shown that most of the time, people will choose the right lane if given the choice. Left lanes tend to be shorter and faster!

7. Bring an empty water bottle for longer travel days to keep your water cold.

Of course you’ll have to fill your bottle up after security. I highly recommend NOT to use the Stanley Quenchers for traveling.

8. Dress in comfy layers.

Does everyone have an estimated airport outfit? I wear this zipper romper almost every single trip. It’s light and comfortable for any duration.

9. Pack a wellness kit

Because traveling is not the time to feel like crap and a single pack of any meds are expensive at the airport! I have a separate pack of emergency, Advil, hand sanitizer, kids meds, and hydration packs.

10. Get your coffee or tea before boarding.

The coffee and tea made on the airplane is made with water you don’t want to drink.

11. Pack toiletries and change of clothes in your carry-on

Just in case your luggage doesn’t make it to the same destination at first. Our luggage was lost once, and I learned my lesson.

12. Customize your luggage

Customize your luggage with luggage straps and personalized luggage tags to easily spot it in a sea of luggage.

13. If you’re traveling to snow with kids

If you’re traveling to snow with kids, buy a pillowcase with zipper and stuff their snow gear in it. This will double as a pillow on the plane without adding anything extra!

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