Tampa Bay Coffee & Art Festival

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May 4, 2016
Coffee is kind of a big deal. If you have Instagram, you’ll know it’s a “must-do” to take a picture of your beloved coffee cup sometimes to remind people that yes, you live that coffee life.

Life rarely begins before my cup of coffee in the morning and I have my husband to thank for that. Before we were married I rarely drank coffee outside of the crazy Starbucks “coffee” concoctions I would drink in college. Today I know a Java Chip Frap from Starbucks is not really even coffee…it’s a dessert/sugar overload in a cup! Insert my husband’s Italian/Venezuelan influence and most of the coffee I drink is brewed at home by him. How did I get so lucky to have an almond milk latte waiting for me every morning?! Key to my heart.

First Coffee & Art Festival

When I first heard about the First Annual Tampa Bay Coffee & Art Festival I was ecstatic!
Coffee Festival?! I’m there!

Being the “first annual”, my expectations weren’t too high.The first one (of anything) is usually when all the kinks get ironed out, but this event was very well organized and put together. The local artists/businesses were amazing and the coffee was delicious!

Final thoughts!

Overall the festival was a hit! The overall feel of the festival was mellow. The lights were dim and the music was soft. It was the most relaxing festival I’ve ever been to and I truly enjoyed myself there sipping on coffee. While I was there for the coffee (gimme coffee!), my kids loved the live music and cupcakes from Kraft Cafe.

We’ll be back next year!

Update: I’m hearing that the event will be moved to a larger venue next year. With more coffee roasters and more food added each year it can only get better!

*As a member of Tampa Bay Bloggers, I received complimentary tickets to the Tampa Bay Coffee & Art Festival event mentioned in this post in exchange for social media and blog love. All opinions are my own.


tampa bay coffee and art festival

Coffee Galore

While there was no shortage in art, the coffee and food were a little too sparse for “festival standards”.
Zeal Coffee Roasters were the lone coffee roasters at the event. Coffee at the tasting tables went fast and the line to get a latte or espresso was long. Long lines are expected at festivals, but there should be more than one.
I did get to enjoy multiple tastings of their coffee and purchase an almond milk latte, which were all delectable.

At one of the tasting tables I was taught how to “professionally” taste test coffee. I’m not sure if this is even a real thing because everyone I’ve told since has given me the side eye. LOL I should probably google that! It made for a good 5 minutes of acting like a real coffee connoisseur.

A Pour-over demonstration was put on by King State Coffee, a local coffee bean roaster. It was a lot more sophisticated than what I would of ever imagined it to be. These guys have this stuff down to a science!

Brown Apple Bettys from Craft Kafe paired perfectly with the coffee!

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