Summer Yums Series Part-1

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June 1, 2016

Hi loves!
I hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day weekend! We did a lot of eating, drinking, partying, swimming, and relaxing; and unfortunately I didn’t get many pictures. (Insert crying emoji face)
I’ve realized that when I’m with all 3 kids right now I don’t have my phone in my hands snapping pictures all day. I don’t really have any hands to do much of anything right now except hold a baby, burp a baby, change a baby, or put baby in the carrier to help the girls with anything and everything. (I think I get a request from them every 3 minutes.)

I’m kicking off a Summer – Yums series! Once a week this summer I will feature a DIY yummy summer treat to make! Most of them will be kid-friendly, but I will throw in some adult-only treats because momma is going to need some of those over the summer. 🙂

I love doing fun activities with the girls, and it’s an extra bonus when the activities end with something to eat! When making things at home I try to stick to the “healthier” side of things, incorporating fruit, veggies, and other nutritional dense foods. Key word: TRY!

Today is a two-fer!
We made these popsicles two different ways and they were both tasty and extremely refreshing. Perfect for a hot summer day!


Gummie Pops
– An assortment of gummie candy
– Flavored Coconut water (we used peach-mango)
– Popsicle molds


Fruit Pops
– An assortment of sliced fruit
– Ginger Ale or Sprite
– Popsicle molds

Popsicles are such a great thing to make yourself with kids, because the options seem almost endless and what kid doesn’t love them some popsicles?!

Happy Summer!


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