Summer Essentials You can buy off Amazon

June 26, 2019

We are already almost half way through summer over here! We went hard-core the first couple weeks of summer, hitting up a beach, pool, or amusement park every single day (I wish I was joking!). Last week (the week after Father’s Day weekend that we spent at yet another beach resort) I finally ran out of gas and didn’t leave my house for 2 days. It was glorious and much needed after what you can imagine having 4 young kids home all day during summer would be like. #Exhausting
*All these Amazon products I actually purchases with my own money, use, and recommend to everyone!

Summer Bathing Suit
After searching and buying and returning…this is the one, y’all. I have this bathing suit in 2 colors (Navy & Green) and it’s on rotation all summer long!

Summer Time PJs

They aren’t the softest pjs in my drawer, but man, are they cute!!!

Summer Sunglasses

Heart Valentino Dupes
Heart Valentino Dupes for KIDS (Mommy & Me Matchies!)

Oversized Gucci Dupes (FAVORITE!)

Sunglasses for the hubs
Polarized (so he’s happy) and cheap because he loses sunglasses more than I do

Summer Headbands (Gucci Dupes)

Summer Florals

Summer Pool Slides

Summer Sandals (Valentino Dupes)

Summer Necklace 
Yep, it’s a thing!

Summer Motherhood Reflections Journal
Mother’s Day gift that I’ve enjoyed and think will be awesome to look back at in a couple years!

Summer Bathing Suit Covers

Turkish Kaftan 

Long Kimono

SunBum Summer Protection

Beach Sand Remover
My favorite and MUST HAVE beach tool this season!

Native Water Proof Shoes
The best water shoes for the kids! The Target dupes gave my boy blisters 🙁


Pool Float Pump

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