Rockwell: A little boy turns one

May 22, 2017

I’d like to tell you how magical and calm the day was when Rockwell was born, but it was quite the opposite. Maybe magical, but in a chaotic way. For starters, we didn’t know if we would be meeting Rockwell or Juliet.
Fast forward to 2:24am that day and Rockwell Enzo entered this world weighing 7.1 lbs and 19.5 inches tall!

His daddy immediately dressed him up in Cavalier attireThen, just like that, he turned ONE!

Ask any parent on their child’s first birthday and they’ll tell you how fast the year passes. With each child, you start to expect the years to fly by, but that doesn’t make it any easier. When you celebrate your child’s birthday, you’re celebrating another year of parenthood. Each year of parenthood changes you. Each year you learn new lessons. Each year you love more than you never thought possible the year before.

First birthdays are a big deal and life moment. Whether you invite the entire city or just your family, you want it to be perfect, and it all starts with a theme or color combo.
Our theme for Rock’s 1st has lingering around since his 1st day on this world. On the day he was born, we compared him to Rocky with his slanted beanie hat. We actually went back and forth between the (Rocky) boxing theme and an Italian pizza parlor theme for a little bit, ultimately deciding the Rocky Boxing theme was the coolest choice. Right?!

I was excited to host a “boy birthday”, but nervous not being able to throw pink and glitter everywhere! I was used to throwing my little ladie’s parties and thought “Where do the flowers come in?!”
All parties must include flowers, so I DIYed floral boxing rings. Unfortunately, I kick myself for not being able to find a photo of them anywhere! Insert cry face emoji x10

The party was perfect. A smaller, intimate party for our family and friends who’ve been in Rock’s life. We had a face painter and balloon artist for the older kids, plus some Rock Em Sock Em Robot games on the tables.

Rock slept through the majority of the party and I actually have to wake him up to sing Happy Birthday before our venue rental time was over. Being ONE is rough!

Venue: The Event Gallery
Cake: Sweetie’s Delights
Cake pops: Cake Pops by Lu
Cake Topper: Strut Our Stuff
High chair garland: Let’s Get Decorative
Mini Boxing Ring (used in photoshoot): Photography Blu
Face Painter & Balloon artist: Childlike Productions
Food: Cafe Cuba

I can’t end this post without giving a little Mike Tyson shout out…it was a boxing themed party after all! 😉

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