Real Mom Talk of the month: January 2017

January 24, 2017

One of my favorite things to do is talk with other moms. I like to see how different or similar they handle the same situations, get advice from them, and just generally see how they survive motherhood. When I first had Rockwell, I was so caught off guard with how much work three kids was. I couldn’t seem to get a full grasp on anything and everything was overwhelming. I texted a few of my friends, who had three or more kids, and asked how the heck they got out of the house in the morning…on time without wanting to burst into tears of defeat. They all had different routines and advice, but they all mentioned the word chaos. 🙂 As I read through their messages, I realized there is no “right way” of doing motherhood and what works for some will not work for me, but we’re all kind of the same!

That’s what inspired this new series on the blog. Each month I will talk to a mom, ask her questions, and give you the answers. I hope you all enjoy it as much as me!


We’re starting off this series (and the year) with my best friend, Alisha. We’ve been through so many different and crazy journeys together since grade school, and currently wading through the waters of mom life. She’s one brave momma bear!

Q: Tell me your morning routine.
A:  I have two routines depending if Josh is out of town for work. If he is home, I will sleep till 7 a.m., then go downstairs to have my morning coffee. I make the kids lunch, get them ready and send them out the door with Josh so he can take them to school. (His office is right by their school) Once they have left the house, I get my morning workout done. If Josh is traveling for work, I wake up with Brixton, anywhere between 5:30-6 a.m., and usually don’t have coffee because there is no sitting down…Then I get the kids ready for school (breakfast, make lunches, get them dressed, hair ,teeth ,shoes… you know the drill) and try to make myself presentable to go in public. LOL. After school drop off, anything on my agenda for the day (workouts, meetings, work) can start at 9:30 a.m.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do with your kids?
Cuddle or to sing and dance.

Q: What is there favorite thing to do with you?
A: Help cook or lay with me.

Q: If you could recommend one baby product, what would it be?
A: The Dock a tot! When Brixton was a newborn/infant, it was the only thing he would sleep in besides on my chest so, it was a life saver! Now at 18 months old, we got him the larger size and he’s been sleeping in his bed instead of ours.

Q: Life has its challenges and parenting is one of them, what’s your saving grace when it comes to parenting?
A: Um… how many things can I list here?! As a parent, things can seem non stop 24-7 so, my saving grace is anything that just gives me the ability to reconnect with myself and spouse. For example, when the kids nap or hangout with the grandparents we get the ability to have a date night or quiet time outside of work and parenting.

Q: Getting personal… did you have trouble conceiving children?
A: No, I got pregnant too easily, it’s kind of scary! But, I did experience a miscarriage with my first pregnancy, which at that time in my life was highly devastating.

Q: If so, what would you say to someone going through that right now?
I know many of my close friends have gone through that and are still trying to conceive, so I would say to them to keep their faith strong and trust God’s path for them. While they are in the waiting to enjoy their life with their husbands, embrace that time together!

Q: What is something you’ve done that gave you “mom guilt”?
A: I’ve traveled once without both my kids and that mom guilt set in. It got better once I spoke with them and saw how much fun they were having with YaYa and PaPa! They didn’t seem to miss me too much. LOL

Q: What’s your kid’s favorite meal that you make?
A: Tacos with rice and beans!

Q: When people ask “what you do”, what do you say?
A: Interior Designer and mom of two.

Q: Describe motherhood in one word:
A: Fulfilling

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