Real Mom Talk of the Month: February 2017

February 27, 2017

This month in “Real Mom Talks” we’re talking to my sister-in-law and friend, Katie! I met Katie when I was in high school, when she started dating my brother in college up in Nashville, TN. They’d come home for Spring and Summer breaks and we’d get to hang out. She reminds me a lot of my brother as they were both college athletes and goal oriented. We’ve been pregnant together and get to raise our kids (cousins) together! We bond over our love of food and running, and have both comical and serious conversations about motherhood. She is a hard working mom!!

Q: I know you have a very unique morning routine so tell me about it and tell me what time you have to go to bed to make this morning routine successful:
A:  My morning routine is everything to me on weekdays! I’ll wake up at 5:00am at go running or 4:20am to add a workout on.  This is not only my workout, but my stress relief and mommy time. After running I’ll come home to pump and read my daily devotional in the dark with a flash light..LOL! I just like the quietness before the “storm” comes. Depending on my inbox for work, I’ll try to knock out e-mails and spreadsheets. At 6:30, I take a shower and wake up my husband and toddler. From there I make a hot breakfast, lunches, coffee, then clean up the mess and do the dishes. I’ll run upstairs to get myself ready and occasionally get to sip warm coffee. Then, I’m out the door for a chaotic day (life in sales). For this to all go smoothly, I’ll be in bed by 8:30-9:00 each night.

Q: You are a working mom and use a nanny for your girls during the day, while you go to work; what do you think is a huge misconception about having a nanny?
I think the biggest misconceptions are that if you have a nanny you are rich and the nannies raise the kids, instead of the parents. I make huge sacrifices to make it possible for us to have a nanny and those who have those misconceptions usually have no idea what having a nanny entails or how much it costs.

Q: Give me a few words to describe how it is having to pump in the work field:
A: Hard, multi-tasking, time consuming, sacrifice.

Q: If you could recommend one baby product, what would it be?
A: The BabyBjorn carrier

Q: What is something you’ve done that gave you “mom guilt”?
A: One time Kennedy (my 3 year old) accidentally spilled my coffee during a rough morning. I hadn’t had a single sip and just lost it. It wasn’t her fault at all.  I was frustrated and reacted, but immediately felt bad because she’s just a kid and obviously didn’t mean to spill it.

Q: When people ask “what you do”, what do you say?
A: I love this question. I say I’m a working mother, in sales, and have two beautiful girls.  They’ll usually ask me what kind of sales, so I’ll explain that I’m in Oncology sales, not pharmaceutical.

Q: How has your dreams and goals changed since having kids?
My dreams and goals have remained the same because they have always included kids.  When I first started out in my career, at the age of 28, and did my “5-10-15-20 year goals”,  they always included having kids. I’m very goal oriented naturally, they just have more purpose and my definition of success has changed tremendously.

Q: Give me one piece of advice you would give a new mom who is going back to work after having a baby:
A: Get up earlier, before your kids, to center yourself for the day.  Sometimes you don’t realize how ten minutes of silence can set your day up for much more success.It’s so much better than flying by the seat of your pants. It’s going to be tough at first, but give it 3-4 months and you will get your routine down and know what you can and can’t do.

Q: What is one thing that I can always find in your refrigerator?
A: Pickles and olives

Q: Describe motherhood in one word:
A: Purpose!

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