Pregnancy: 2nd Trimester Must Haves

February 17, 2016
Happy day friends! I hope you are having a sunshine filled day, whether it be actual sunshine, or something in your life acting as your “sunshine”! (Like coffee…)

As of this week I am officially in my 3rd and final trimester for this pregnancy! Pop open that sparkling cider and celebrate!

My first pregnancy went by without buying a single item of maternity clothing. I  look back and wonder how I did that, but I did, and A LOT of other people do too. Maybe it’s because I didn’t even show a belly until I was over 20 weeks with pregnancy #1. This time around, my belly popped out and my hips got wider the second I saw that positive pregnancy test. Life.

All my pregnancies are completely different so all my “needs” during each pregnancy are different. While some stay the same (prenatals), others change completely. This may be my third pregnancy, but it’s my FIRST time that I bite the bullet and purchased some of the below items. Yes you can live without these (except water…and coffee), but please believe me when I give you the advice to embrace comfort while pregnant. I am ALL about the comfort this time around while chasing around two toddlers and having another practice for their future karate tournament in my belly.

Pregnancy-2nd TrimesterMUST HAVES (2)

1. Bella Band


It’s a sad day in anyone’s house when your pants no longer button. The Bella Band is great for that “in-between” stage when maternity pants won’t stay up, but your pre-pregnancy pants won’t let you breathe. Place this over your unbuttoned pants and no one will know! It’ll be our little secret! 😉

3. Maternity workout leggings 

After a major search for maternity workout bottoms, I finally found and ordered these gems. A lot of my pre-pregnancy workout bottoms give me major muffin top OR they fit me wrong in all the wrong places. I HAVE to be comfortable while I workout or I’ll end up in a hot mess hating life. These are extremely comfortable and supportive, with the perfect stretch to them. Since I still run 3-4 times a week I purchased 2 pairs and have given them plenty of use over the past month. I will continue to wear them throughout the rest of my pregnancy.

2.Vaseline lip

My lips and hands get incredibly dry when I’m pregnant. It’s one of those times in life when your entire body is getting bigger, you have dry, cracked lips, you turn your head to the sky and yell “WHYYY?!” (Did I mention pregnancy makes me very dramatic?) This Vaseline Lip Therapy is literally the only lip stuff that helps me. I have one by my bed, one in my car, and one in my purse. It’s THAT important to me. (P.S. Have you seen all the havoc ESOS has done to people’s lips?!)

4.American apparel leggings

Call me Doug Funny but these line the bottom of my closet. I have 5 pairs of these leggings in black and there hasn’t been an “everyday” maternity legging out there that has beat them…yet! In fact, all the maternity leggings I’ve bought and tried end up with the crotch part to my knees. (MC hammer style) These stay put right under my belly and are still incredibly comfortable to get me around town all day. They’re also perfect to wear out to dinner with a cute tunic.

5.Comfortable Underwear

Have you noticed a “comfortable” theme in this list?! Comfortable should be my middle name because I search high-and-low for any and all comfortable clothing while pregnant, underwear included!

7. A good water bottle

I use both of the above bottles and love them!  During my first trimester when I felt like dirt, the Infuser Water Bottle really helped me get in the water I needed to be drinking. I would put oranges, lemons, blueberries, strawberries, basil, mint, you name it, into the infuser, let it sit over night and drink it up every morning. I don’t have that problem anymore but a good quality water bottle is still needed to get me throughout my day. Without spending $$$ on a Yeti or Swell bottle, this MIRA brand insulated water bottle does the job!

6. Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow

I am almost hesitant to put this on the MUST HAVE list because I have a love/hate relationship with it. I’ve had one for every pregnancy and just like each pregnancy is different, so is my relationship with these pillows. For my first pregnancy I didn’t use it at all (mainly because my dog ate half of it). I bought a new one and have used it off and on for my past two pregnancies. I love it for the beginning of the night when I’m trying to get comfortable, but end up throwing it to the floor (in a mid-sleep rage) towards the middle of the night. It’s VERY big and takes up a large amount of room. Some people swear by them, while others never needed one. I’m in the middle.

8. Belly Oil/Cream

Towards the end of the 2nd trimester is when my belly REALLY “blooms”. I start off using just a good body moisturizer, but when I start getting itchy and I know my skin is stretching, I switch to Bio-Oil for my nightly belly rub down. 🙂 I recently received the Boppy Bloom skincare line to test out, so look for a review in my 3rd trimester post!

9.Pre-Natal Vitamins 

This is the daily vitamin/pre-natal you need! I’ve used it for the past 4 years, even when I’m not pregnant since it’s still great to keep up your prenatal vitamin routine if you’re a nursing mama. This vitamin is whole food based, you only have to take one a day, and it’s packed with tons of nutrients! I take this everyday on top of my daily JuicePlus+.

Do you have any 2nd trimester pregnancy “must haves” I missed on this post? Let me know in the comments!


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Last but certainly not least! I am not one to give up coffee while pregnant and I give the side eye to anyone who says “but are you supposed to drink coffee while pregnant?!” Yes, you’re allowed to drink a cup of coffee while pregnant. Coffee should actually be #1 on this list because it is a morning routine MUST HAVE. I only drink my one cup a day, but there isn’t a morning that goes by without. A little fun fact: I’m not addicted to coffee, coffee is actually addicted to me. 🙂

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