Mom Brain {Made Me Do It}

July 26, 2017

We all know how much our body changes during and after pregnancy. Aside from the physical transformations, I’m talking about our entire being. Everything from our skin and feet size, to our hormonal balance and immune response/allergies. I became allergic to wine for 5 years, for goodness sake! Pray for me.

Did you ever think about how your brain and mind changes.  It all starts with pregnancy brain and evolves into the permanent condition I like to call “Mom Brain”. 

  1. Mom brain makes you think it’s Thursday when it’s Tuesday. Dammit.
  2. It makes you forget your child’s water bottle when you pull into the parking lot at soccer practice and it’s 95 degrees outside. Mom of the year.

  3. It makes you worry constantly 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year! You are worrying about something constantly. Whether it be your child sickness or how they’ll do on their spelling test or how they’re going to make friends at a new school. You even worry about if you bought the right size shoes because you seem to forget who wears what size.

  4. It makes nothing in the world more important than your kids. You’d cut your own arm off if it took away their pain.

  5. It makes you so emotional sometimes, you don’t even know you had these emotions towards a certain subject. why is this dance recital making me cry?!

  6. It makes kid’s birthdays more important than weddings.

  7. It makes you on constant alert.  I have a joke with a friend that tennis shoes, yoga pants, and a comfortable T-shirt is the ultimate mom outfit because you’re ready to jump in a pool or catch a baby falling off the bunkbed at any moment.

  8. It makes life so hard (mommin’ aint easy) but so joyful and blessed immeasurably at the same time.

  9. It makes other people’s crying babies not so bad.

  10. It makes you wonder. Why does she act like that? What am I doing wrong? Why am I even talking when noone is listening?

  11. Mom brain makes you a psychiatrist and you deal with bipolar unstable humans on the daily. It is mentally exhausting!

  12. Mom brain knows silence really is golden (when your kids aren’t around). Silence means trouble when your kids are in the other room painting your floors with nail polish.

  13. Mom brain makes you some sort of nutritional mathematician. “You must eat 5 pieces of broccoli before you can have 1 piece of chocolate.”

  14. It makes you a mama bear, not afraid of anything while protecting your child but also terrified to clip your child’s nails.

  15. Mom brain makes you forget everything, every time you have another child. “When am I supposed to start solids again?”

  16. Mom brain makes you a dermatologist.  You gain so much knowledge on moles, warts, eczema, and rashes.

Mom brain makes you a lover, a fighter, a taxi driver, a warrior, a maid, a chef, a stroller collector, a large bag carrier, an organic snob, a because I said so-er, an athletic-leisure wearing woman living for bedtime.

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