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November 4, 2016

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of attending a #SundaySupper event sponsored by Idaho Potato. I got to hang out with Spuddy Buddy and Dr.Potato , enjoy delicious food, and learn cooking techniques at the #IdahoPotatoCutsClass with other amazing social media influencers!

Everything about the event was beyond including the venue. The Epicurean Hotel, Autograph Collection in South Tampa is nothing short of grand. It was my first time in the Epicurean theater and I felt like I was part of a cooking show on TV.

When we first arrived we were welcomed with a light breakfast, coffee, Idaho potato chips, and shown to our work stations. The work stations were littered with amazing goodies and equipment to use during the class ahead.


Bonus: Everything at our stations was a gift to us at the end!! Thank goodness, because after chopping up veggies on Boos Cutting boards with Wusthof knives, I don’t think I could go back to my no-name knifes at home. (Side note: I lost all my knives during the move and only had 2 knives that I quickly purchased from Publix on a whim.)


The class started with Chef Christopher Koetke showing us knife skill basics; how to hold a knife, how to place your fingers, how to hold the food your slicing, how to move the knife, etc. I had no idea I wasn’t even holding a knife correctly all these years. I’m told that all good chefs have callouses on their hands from holding and using knives correctly. It it doesn’t hurt, you’re probably doing it wrong.


TIP: Curl your fingers into a claw, tucking your knuckles under, kind of digging your nails into the food to hold it steady. The knife should rest against your knuckles, so you always know where the knife is. This is why you see professional chefs slicing and dicing food WHILE looking at the camera/audience. They can feel where the knife is at all times and their fingers are curled under. No fingers lost. 😉

I learned so much knife knowledge, some tried and true ways to slice and dice, and food safety . The “class” didn’t feel much like a class since Chef Chris has a way with words, as well as food. He’s quiet entertaining, even when talking about potatoes. We were excused to our work stations in-between demonstrations to practice cutting potatoes, onions, shallots, and herbs.

While Chef Chris was teaching technique, Chef Dave Woolley was using the techniques to create delicious food for us! We tasted  Idaho® Potato Scalloped Au Gratin, Idaho® Potato Risotto, Roasted Idaho® Potato Fingerling Salad, and a Buffalo Hasselback Idaho® Potato.

I feel like Bubba Gump now when I name off 50 different ways to serve potatoes.  Have you ever tried potato risotto?!

I know you’ve had scalloped potatoes!


Put these winning recipes on your Holiday buffet! You can find all the recipes we ate, plus tons more here!

After all that manual labor (of fun & love), we were treated to lunch at the Elevage Restaurant inside the Epicurean hotel. If you’ve never been before, Elevage is on my “Tampa-must-eat” list. Order the Homage to Bern’s pressed steak sandwich for a taste of Tampa and thank me later! 😉

While we were eating lunch, the theater was getting staged for a friendly competition! Put into teams of five, the bloggers were given the challenge to make a unique potato salad using ingredients from the Epicurean pantry. The teams had 45 minutes to brainstorm, chop, cook, and create the finest potato salad we could. My team brainstormed many different options, but we all agreed on creating  the Ultimate BLT potato salad.
I did as much ingredient searching, chopping, and gave as much input as I could, but had to hit the road before the judging started. (Kids have to be picked up from school or you get fined and kids aren’t so happy with you.) I checked back and unfortunately my team didn’t win, but man, what an event to be part of! It was just an amazing experience where I met many more fabulous blogger friends.

Thank you to the #SundaySupper family, Idaho® Potato, the Epicurean Hotel, and everyone who was apart of this event! I left with my hands, belly, and brain full! 🙂


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