How to Quickly Organize & Declutter your House

January 31, 2024
Clutter is a known source of anxiety, stress, and has a cumulative effect on our brains. When my home is decluttered and organized, I feel lighter, less stressed out, and more able to focus, which is a good thing because I work from home. I’m lucky to have a husband who can’t even sleep well if the kitchen isn’t cleaned.

Every year I get the itch to throw everything out. Don’t worry, I’m just talking about small things. All those old spices and salad dressings, fast food condiments that we’ve collected over several months, things my kids decided they didn’t like after I bought the Costco lifetime supply, ragged dishtowels, old makeup and lotions. I’ve even taken an entire drawer to the trash can without giving it any thought. Don’t overcomplicate it and let’s be real…anything in that junk drawer can easily be replaced.

Most of these tips take less than an hour and may change your attitude, health, and overall vibes in your home!

10 Quick Tips For Organizing & Decluttering

1. Start at the easiest spots.

This could be different for everyone, but to me, it’s the pantry and fridge. It’s easy to throw out the expired items, and things no one will ever eat again. Much easier than deciding what clothes to donate!

2. Give each space your undivided attention

My biggest mistake when organizing is trying to do too many spaces at once. I’ll end the day with 3 unfinished spaces and crap everywhere, the exact opposite of what we’re reaching for.

3. Throw away everything that has expired.

This goes and applies to all spaces. Food, makeup, body care, clothes you don’t wear, old discolored towels, etc.

4. Throw away things that don’t have a match.

That bag of single socks, tupperware containers without a lid, pieces of toys you have no idea where they go, your box of chargers and cords you haven’t used in years.

5. Don’t buy storage containers before starting

It’s better to buy organizers and containers after you declutter because you’ll know exactly what’s going in them for size purposes. Most of the time, after decluttering, we realize we don’t need nearly as many containers as we initially thought.

6. Buy stackable containers

You can’t create more physical space under your bathroom cabinets, but you can use more of it with stackable organizers.

7. Learn to fold your clothes and towels.

Folding items will not only look better, it’ll leave space for more to fit.

8. Get rid of boxes, packaging, and paperwork.

We’re all guilty of holding onto our ipad and phone boxes, and I can’t come up with a reason why. I’m also guilty of keeping jewelry in bags and boxes, even though I have jewelry organizers. You’ll be more opt to use and wear items if they’re out and accessible.

9. Remember the ol Marie Kondo rule

Keep things that bring you joy, but don’t let nostalgia determine it all. I know several people who keep every card and christmas picture they receive in the mail. If you must keep these and “they bring you joy”, find a spot for them, inside a scrapbook, put away.

10. Know it never ends

Decluttering isn’t a one time and done thing. I have a “donation box” set up in my closet that I’m constantly throwing things in. Once it’s full, I take it to a donation center and start again. Having an organized home can help you make better choices at the store. Why declutter your home, then to just go buy more junk? This is a learning experience that takes some work.

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