Have the Best Beach Day with My 15 Beach Must Haves

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August 25, 2022
Going to the beach with four kids can sound more like a chore when you start to think about all the stuff you have to take out there. I’ve learned to manage beach days pretty well in the last ten years and my beach wagon is only filled with the most helpful, functional, and fun products. With the help of my favorite beach must haves, your beach days will be enjoyable for the entire family. Here’s a list of everything I pack for the beach. Leave everything else at home!

1. Sunscreen

Don’t forget these or it will be a trip you’ll never want to repeat. The complaints will linger for days to come if everyone gets a sunburn. No bueno. My favorite is SunBum brand and we use their spray, face sticks, and lip balms. They also have a great spray aloe for after care. This Bob Kids Brush on Sunscreen is a game changer for reapplying throughout the day. Easy, with no smell or goopy mess. Other loved brands for sunscreen are Badger and Blue Lizard.

Wyndham Grand in Clearwater Beach | Kid Friendly Hotels
Photo Source: Wyndham Grand

2. Sand Managers

My number one issue with the beach and bringing my kids, is the sand, and specifically, the sand in the car on the way home. Keep the sand at bay with these tried-and-true products. Seriously my favorite on this entire list! If the beach doesn’t have showers available, use these products to take the sand off before you hop in the car. A sandy ride home is not comfortable for anyone. Baby Powder, Sand Brushes, and Sandscreen.

5. Wagon with large wheels

Emphasis on the large wheels because a wagon with small wheels will get you nowhere through the sand. My recommendation is this MacSports Wagon, with large wheels.

6. Mini Picnic Table

My latest Love. A Beach game changer to keep food and drinks off the sand. I’m obsessed and honestly might bring this with me to all soccer games too! It makes snack time a little less sandy. I recently saw Target’s Dollar Spot had tiny personal ones available.

Fairmont Scottsdale Kids Clubs | Kid Friendly Hotel Options

7. Mesh Beach Bags

I’m starting to wonder why all beach bags aren’t mesh material. They don’t fill up with sand, they’re easy to clean, dry, fold up, and hang up to store.

HOXIS Mesh Beach Tote Womens Shoulder Handbag

I ordered this in May 2021 and use it every beach trip. It comes in so many cute colors, but it’s the tan for me.

Vulken Large Mesh Beach Bag with 9 Pockets

Another large mesh bag with multiple pockets

The Famous Bogg bag

This one has a cult following. Large and in charge and easy to hose down when you get home. The only downfall is they are hard to get your hands on. Many local boutiques carry them, as well as straight from their website.
Fairmont Scottsdale Kids Clubs | Kid Friendly Hotel Options

8. Easy Pop Up Umbrella

I finally found an easy, no hassle pop up umbrella that folds up and fits into a carrying bag, the size of a large umbrella! My friends had them during our last beach trip and I’m hooked. It also includes hanging cup holders! Say no more.

9. Small Cooler

Filled with ice packs and waters. Fresh fruit, sandwiches, and other small snacks like Danimals are also a great idea. I love my Corksicle Backpack and Yeti Soft cooler, when I’m by myself with the kids.

10. Snacks

Beach approved snacks include individual sized snacks, so one sandy hand doesn’t ruin an entire bag of chips for everyone!

11. Shell Bags

I found these shell bags on Amazon a couple months ago and the kids love to explore the shore with them and collect seashells. They also make for an easy way to clean off toys without losing them to the waves.

12. Cup Holders

A great addition to your beach gear, these cupholders keep drinks out of the sand, but are also useful if your spot is covered in shells or rocks. They hold my largest cup without being flimsy like most of the beach chair cupholders. You can also use them to hold your phone, sunscreen, etc.

13. Bluetooth Speaker

Set the mood and enjoy your day with your favorite tunes. This is my favorite small speaker that provides quality sound. It’s small enough to fit in your beach bags, it’s waterproof, and perfect for being outdoors.

14. Sand Toys

I think less is more with sand toys. You don’t need to bring the 34-piece toy set to the beach because you’ll lose half of them the first day. These cute, neutral, and compact beach toys are a must on my list. They’re made of flexible silicone, so they can be tossed in any bag after rinsing off. My boy’s favorite activity at the beach is digging so I also bring a couple extra shovels for them.

15. Boogie Boards

Last but not least…the stuff that takes up so much room you wonder if you should even bring it. My kids love their boogie boards and use them both in and out of the water. From riding the waves, to using them on seats off the sand. We purchased some from FiveBelow years ago and they’re still working just fine.

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