Happy Gasparilla Tampa Bay!

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January 22, 2016

Hi friends! Happy Friday! Any great plans for the weekend?

If you live in Tampa, this weekend is the official start of a little something called Gasparilla!

In college I went to the Gasparilla Adult parade every year for the crazy party that goes on for miles! Great fun, but not something to bring your kids to… Those shenanigans can be found on Bayshore Blvd on Saturday, January 30th.

Our First Gaparilla

If you have kids, bring them to the Gasparilla Kid’s Parade this Saturday! It’s alcohol free (unless you search in some people’s Big Gulp cups) and there aren’t any many rowdy crowds that make you want to squeeze your child tight and run. 🙂 It’s good ol’ fashion family friendly fun!
My first experience of the Kid’s parade was in 2012 when we brought little 5 month old Sophia to enjoy the sights and sounds of her city. We found a shady spot to park the stroller and probably stayed no more than an hour because Sophia passed out in exhaustion.

Gasparilla Though the Years

In 2013 Sophia officially became a Tampa pirate and she got her first Gasparilla beads! It’s some sort of Tampa initiation that every child must go through.

Last year was Penelope’s official introduction to the pirate crew!

She got to show her baby sister the ropes of Gasparilla in 2014… She’s basically a pro at this point

Gasparilla at Bayshore!

I can’t wait to dress them up tomorrow as little pirates and invade Bayshore! Arrrrr 🙂 It’s going to be cold and maybe some slight rain showers (hope not) but it’s a must do if you live in Tampa!

The Kid’s Invasion starts at 3:30 pm at Bay to Bay Blvd & Bayshore. Get there early for a good spot along the parade route because parking and parade spots go VERY quickly!
Don’t forget to bring your lawn chairs, blanket, and a stroller/wagon to tote the kids in. A little cooler on wheels stuffed with waters and snacks come in handy too! There are many food vendors along the route, but it’s mostly fair type food (corn dogs, fries, etc).  More info can be found HERE

Hope to see you there!! Happy Gasparilla Tampa Bay!


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