Friday Favorites – October 2017

October 6, 2017

YAY! A new “Friday Faves” after feeling like I didn’t have anything new and cool to share for so long. I guess I didn’t want to openly admit my favorite thing week after week was dark chocolate and boos. I kid. A little.

LOLLEEZ. Fall can be the start of stuffy noses, sneezes, and germs all around. My oldest wasn’t feeling well a couple weeks ago and I took these out of the medicine cabinet for a try. Organic, throat soothing, cough drops on a stick. Seriously, why didn’t I think of this?! You can find Lolleez at CVS, BabyRUs, and Amazon.

Lolleez Organic Throat Soothing Pops

FALL ENTRY WAYS. A friend operates an art studio and recently put on a Fall mat decorating class and I almost got lost on the inter webs looking for inspiration. This Front Door s a FALL dream, but I’m pretty stuck on my scroll mat for all seasons. You can’t go wrong with a monogrammed entry mat in Fall colors!

Grandin Road Hay Bale MatGrandin Road Harvest Moon Collection 

Lou & Grey. I’m all about maxin’ relaxin’ everywhere I go and that requires a comfortable dress because pants are so formal. This Linen Tie Back Dress received plenty compliments this month and it’s on sale! If you haven’t checked out anything from Loft’s Lou & Grey line yet, you must!

Lou & Grey Tieback Dress

Lou & Grey Fringeout Sweater

STORAGE BAGS. I’m keeping things real life, and maybe showing how uneventful my life is. I keep most of my kid’s “good” clothes in storage until we’re done having little babies. I used to store them in those large, heavy, plastic storage bins. I recently started switching everything over to storage bags. space. My favorites are these flexible totes by Ziploc

Velvet Flats. Now I know Fall is for boots and I love me some boots, but when you live in Florida, October is still pretty hot. {God bless everyone who wears full body costumes on Halloween} Sandals and flats are an all-year-round here, so why not embrace that?! Side note: Velvet is everywhere right now!

dv Lucy Velvet Loafers

Mossimo Velvet Mary Jane Flats

Dis{Love} of the month goes to…. APPLE! 
So, you know how the new Apple iPhones are coming out? The 7 plus and 8 recently hit the shelves and the X (10) is supposed to be here at the end of October. Side note: what about a 9?!
Coincidentally (or not) my iPhone 6 bit the dust, leaving me without a phone for an entire 18 hours. Oh, the torture! 😉 All it did for 18 hours was blink at me like a sicko. I was hoping to jump on the iPhone X train, but I had to buy a new iPhone 8 instead. Apple, I hate you, but take all my money at the same time. This relationship is awful.


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