Friday Faves: Suits, Houses, The Bricks

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April 15, 2016
Hey there!!
This Friday has already taken a few detours. I was just getting into work-mode when Penelope was sent home from school with an upset tummy.
She’s been her normal active self ever since we got home, so I’m thinking it was something she ate and she just needed to get it out. On our way home I stopped at Fresh Market to pick up bananas and coconut water for her. I was really hoping she would drink the coconut water, but I wasn’t expecting her to down the entire thing like she did! I mean, you just never really know what your kid will eat/drink, do ya?!

In good ol’ Friday fashion I’m here to give you  my favorite things this week.

If you’ve been in love with something this week, let me know in the comments! I always love to hear what’s been making your week so great! rocking

Bathing Suits!!

This summer will be bittersweet for me since I will ABS-olutely not have a “summer ready body” this year. Hello! I will be birthing a baby on the first week of summer break! The most perfect week to birth one, yes? 😉 But that doesn’t mean the swim suit (window) shopping will be left out this year, because I’m a girl and I can’t help but drool over bathing suits this time of year. Target and Victoria Secret is usually the go-to for bathing suits, but who likes to wear the same bathing suit as everyone else?
My favorite sites to shop for bathing suits: , Triangl , BeInTheSea , Anthropologie 

How adorably cute would this be with a baby bump?! Swooooon. From

Friday Faves: Suits, Houses, The Bricks
Friday Faves: Suits, Houses, The Bricks

House Update!

I haven’t done a house update on here for while, so here it is. This process has been the most stressful, expensive, and exciting experience I’ve been through, besides having and raising children…of course. After many texts and phone calls, my builder has told me to stop looking at Pinterest and magazines. LOL The final decisions are being made and all the “final installs” like appliances and lighting are getting ordered. No turning back now!
I believe we are less than 90 days out now and the excitement is almost unbearable every time I go see it. Why can’t it just magically be done and ready to move in?! This week particularly has been a VERY exciting week in our adventures of home building. It’s actually starting to look like we could live there…SOON!

The house is even more complete today than this last picture taken 2 weeks ago. The house has stucco, is currently getting primed, and ready for paint! I can’t wait to do a “house tour” on here to show you my little masterpiece. For the past year I have been hand picking every single little detail of this house! Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s stressful, and sometimes I’m just like “whatever!!” 🙂

Dinner in Ybor!

The Bricks, Ybor.  – I’ve been wanting to try this place for a couple months now and finally went a couple weeks ago. I went on my way to work around 8 am and it was closed. Turns out they don’t open until 11 am, so I knew I had to come back for lunch. Finally the day came this week and we’ve actually eaten there twice (once was to-go for the office). Everything is so delicious!! I’m hooked and so glad it’s so close to our office! I’ve heard their coffee drinks are delicious, so I need to make an afternoon pit stop for one! For lunch I had their Veggie Cuban and it was just want I needed!

I hope you all have a great weekend! The rain is supposed to show up over here soon, but hopefully it doesn’t stay too long! Stay dry, stay safe, stay awesome!


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