Fourth of July Party Made Easy

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June 30, 2023
The fourth of July has a special place in my heart (as most Americans, I’m sure) but especially since it’s my husband’s birthday! There’s a fine line in our house between July 4th décor and birthday décor. My husband just so happens to get a patriotic birthday theme every year.

There’s so many ideas and décor inspo for this patriotic holiday, but many can be a little too over the top and gaudy. I think this might be the easiest holiday to decorate for because it’s based on 3 colors and sparkle! Keep it simple and functional!

The Plain White T

Make the food the centerpiece.

There’s no party without food, so go ahead and make it themed and eye-catching. Fruit flag trays with white chocolate dipped strawberries are always a kid fan favorite. Grocery stores have so many themed desserts out around every holiday. Grab a few boxes of cookies and cupcakes to make a dessert platter. I used Red Velvet Cupcakes and added sparkler toppers in each. I found these nostalgic food baskets in Target ‘s dollar section to serve burgers and hot dogs in. I added some peanuts in them for snacks before the grill got started.

Cupcake toppers / Food Trays

Flowers are always a go-to

I always have flowers somewhere in my décor because they bring a fresh and pretty element to the house. Red and white flowers are the easiest to find, so try them in blue vases (Saratoga Spring Water bottles work double duty) or clear vases with a mini flag added.

Plain Black-Tee

Don’t forget the flag

I love a walkway lined with American flags and bunting lining the fence. It gives me all the patriotic feels and it’s so simple to add on.

12 Pack Mini Flags / Bunting Flags / Flag Spinners

Plain Black-Tee

Dollar section finds go a long way

Patriotic accessories will make all your party pictures look that much more fun! Target’s Dollar section has several fun options, while Amazon has it in bulk depending on how many people you have coming over. Headbands, sunglasses, stickers, bracelets, beaded necklaces will make your party people feel like the décor!

Party Pack / Light Up Necklaces

Have a fun activity for the kids

Let’s be honest, if the kids aren’t happy no one is. Having an activity for the kid’s Sparklers are super cheap and such a fun activity for the kids to do.

Confetti Cannons / Hand throwers / BunchOBalloons

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