Don’t Forget the Beach Essentials

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May 24, 2017

Summer is here and I’ve got a big list of to-dos. The list includes not packing lunch boxes every morning, numerous backyard BBQs, laying in the sun with a refreshing bev in hand, not driving 4 hours a day for school/activities, enjoying nightly sunsets on the front porch, some kid-less happy hours  to recharge my sanity, and of course, beach days!!

At this time in my life I’m not exactly a beach lover. I LOVE the beach, but with kids I’d choose the pool over the sand. Beach days are only great for me when I’m prepared with a bag of fun essentials!

Check out my beach essentials and be ready for the heated fun in the sun.


Mesh beach bag – The last thing you want after an exhausting day is to come home and dump a mountain of sand on your laundry room floor. Mesh bags let the sand out, but keep your essentials in tow. This cute inexpensive tote includes a small wet bag to keep wet swim suit at the end of the day.
Fun Beverage cup – Spice it up this summer with something fun to sip from
Sunscreen – SPF SPF SPF
Lip balm – Don’t forget to protect your pout!
Bottle opener – during summer, should you ever leave home without it?! 😉
Party hats – who can resist a smile while wearing a pineapple party hat?!
Little Black Swimsuit – Attention everyone: little black bathing suits are a must-have in your bathing suit drawer
Sunglasses – sunnies that change the game

Men’s suits – quickdry fabric, pockets with velcro closure, and great designs
iwatch  – daddy of the year with Mickey Mouse on the screen
Men’s Sandals – meant to keep manly feet cool and comfy
Hat – Rep’ your city or favorite sports team

The perfect match – Daddy & me suits
Sippy cups – water bottles with the least amount of parts are best for sandy situations! Stay hydrated.
Kid’s waterproof sandals – protect your kid’s delicate feet from hot surfaces this summer with shoes that stay on!
Sunscreen – no mess, oil free stick for easy application
Sun hat – water resistant, UPF 50, and fun breathable fabric

Water bottle – I think #1 beach essential is water, right after a bathing suit!
I love Contigo brand water bottles for the kids
Adorable bathing suits – Matilda Jane just introduced their first swimsuit line and I couldn’t resist!
Water toys
Kid’s Sunglasses – Target dollar section usually has a great selection

Must-have towels

Towel 1 | Towel 2 | Towel 3 

Must-have sun hats

Sun hats are one of the most stylish ways to protect you skin
Sun hat 1 | Sun Hat 2 | Sun hat 3

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