Amazon Finds & Buys – May

June 1, 2018


Time for this month’s installment of Amazon finds and buys!

Another month has passed which means many more Amazon purchases have showed up at my door! Read about my purchases and snag some for yourself!

WIld Hibiscus Flowers – If you’re having a party anytime soon, you must get these! They look absolutely amazing inside a glass of champagne and the kids can enjoy them in a glass of sprite or juice as well. They taste like fruit roll ups and you’ll get all the compliments on your awesome party accessory! (I borrowed this idea from a fancy event at Marriott!)

Radha Rosehip Oil – I bought this after seeing it on someone’s Instagram claiming their super model friend uses it on their face daily and it’s the “secret” in their profession. After seeing it was $15.00 and reading the life changing reviews, I was SOLD. I’ve been using it (on and off, since I’m awful at sticking with any skincare regime) for about a month now. It brightens, evens, and keeps blemishes and wrinkles at bay. Y’all, get this now!

Caldrea Countertop Cleanser – I’m a huge fan of Mrs.Meyer’s cleaning supplies, but I recently read that the ingredients aren’t all that good. (Color me shocked and appalled!) This was listed as a “better” alternative, so I gave it a try. Then I saw Caldrea brand basically has the same EWG rating at Mrs.Meyers. Further research shows that the main concern about all these “natural” cleaning supplies is the fragrance. Being a huge person on fragrance (I need my house to SMELL clean, sorry vinegar lovers), I won’t ever get away from this. Caldrea is more expensive, so I’ll be sticking to Mrs.Meyer’s for now. Turns out Caldrea owns and produces Mrs.Meyer’s Cleaning products, and both are owned by SC Johnson. The more you know…

Ju-Ju-Be Insulated Bottle and Lunch Bag – This was a baby item I wanted because I’m determined baby #4 will take bottles (dammit!). Side note: none of my kids have ever took a bottle and if I don’t want to entirely lose my mind, baby#4 has no choice. I’ll probably be laugh/crying at myself for writing this in a few months, but this bag is a start! I’ve read about so many different ways to use this bag, one of them being to carry my Ergo Baby Carrier. I mean, what genius thought about containing those long floppy straps in this bag and clipping it on your stroller?! The bag is obviously great for carrying bottles and food, with a small zipper on top to keep pacifiers or syringes for meds. **This would make for a chic lunch bag for all my friends without infants!

Bagail Inverted Umbrella – It’s rainy season and I somehow misplaced all my umbrellas. I’ve seen these on Groupon before and decided to give them a try. I purchased two and I love them! The reverse folding makes it easier to get in and out of car without water dripping all over you. The hook handle makes this umbrella easier to carry and hang on hooks in my garage.

Crocs Handle-it Rain Boots – Umbrellas and rain boots, must be hurricane season in Florida! My girls have Hunter boots and these seem less bulky, definitely weigh less, and more secure on their feet, compared to the Hunters. I bought the yellow ones for Rockwell and not only are they absolutely precious, the handles make it easier for him to to put on himself. The only CON is that they don’t have a liner, but this might actually be a PRO because they’re easily hosed off after muddy puddles.

Schlage Z-wave Touchscreen Deadbolt – I bought this as some sort of weird Mother’s Day present for myself after my husband gave me a look of concern when I told him this is what I wanted for Mother’s Day. Our friends have a similar one on their doors, rave about them, and I’m always wanted them. It’s one of those things you want, but don’t really want to buy. I might also add that it’s still not installed on my door but I’m super excited for it! If you have cleaning companies, pet sitters, or anyone else entering your home when you’re not there, this is controlled with your phone! Cool, or no?! I think this would make an amazing Father’s Day present as well, they just don’t even know they want one yet!

Quay Sunglasses – Quay is one of my favorite brands for sunglasses and I’ve always gotten questions and compliments when I wear any of my 4 pair! My son broke my favorite ones (sobbing) and I remembered hearing that Quay was now on Amazon Prime for cheaper than what I’ve been purchasing them for! I replaced my favorites ones (black frames with blue lens) plus an additional pair, for almost the same price as one!

Potty Seat with Step Stool Ladder – We recently started potty training my 2 year old and of course he didn’t like the potty seat the girl’s used. The actual seat is flat, unlike the donut-shaped one my girl’s used. The step ladder made it easier for him to get off/on the toiler by himself and he really enjoyed using it. The seat folds down, making it easy to prop up against the bathroom wall without getting in the way. This purchase was a win for us and potty training!

Summer Infant Travel Potty – I never thought I’d have a toilet in my car until I started potty training kid #3. We are in the car all.the.time between soccer, gymnastics, dance, beach trips, Disney trips, and regular weekend family outtings. This has come in serious handy at least 4 times in the past two weeks. We stop the car, he pees on this tiny travel toilet, I tie the bag up and throw it away! I also purchased the 20-pack liner refills that you can find HERE.

Boys Training Urinal – I purchased this after it was recommended to me by a friend. It wasn’t a necessity for us since he was already doing so well with potty training without it, but I think it’s a good “skill” for them to have and start learning at home. I’ve never been a fan of the training toilets because there’s a perfectly good flush-able toilet in your bathroom already. I suction cupped this to our shower wall and he’s used it a handful of times. His go-to is still the regular toilet.

Baby Jogger Glider Board – I bought the City Select Lux Double Stroller on a Black Friday sale and we just opened it to use! This was an accessory purchase for my older daughters, who immediately complained they didn’t have a seat in the stroller.

City Select Stroller Tray – If you have a stroller, you need a stroller tray. End of review.

Toy Dyson Vacuum – Don’t get excited, this is a TOY for my 2 year old. Our neighbors have one of these and every time we’re over there it’s the only toy he plays with. We vacuum almost daily at the house (3 kids + 2 dogs) so it just natural that he LOVES this thing, right?! **Great birthday present!

Barbie Headphones – This was a “but sissy has headphones, I NEED headphones too!” purchase. I swear she did have a pair of headphones, and they’ve (not surprisingly) disappeared. If you’re taking any road or airplane trips this summer, you’ll probably want to grab a pair of these as well! I should go ahead and purchase the Superman pair for Rock while we’re at it. This way I don’t have to hear that “Baby shark do do do do do do” song anymore.

I have a problem.







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