Amazon Finds & Buys // July & August

September 4, 2018

I combined (most) of my July & August purchases since I had a baby in the middle of July and clearly had other things to do  🙂 A lot of the products these past two months are Baby and Back to school related. I love to give you my reviews for most of them and hope you find them helpful!

Time for this month’s installment of Amazon finds and buys!

Scruff-a-Luv – A cute gift idea! These little creatures arrive as sad balls of fur and need to be “rescued” by the little one in your life. Bathe, dry, and groom to see what pet you rescued! This is on the “most popular toys for 2018” list, so I’m imagining they’ll be hard to find come Christmas time. (Hint Hint…)

Starter Girls 6-pack Athletic No-Show Socks Back to school buy! These were 50% off at the time, making them $5!

Dish Drying Mat I purchase one of these every 6 months or so. Always the gray one 🙂

Oxo Drying Rack – I love the look and functionality of this drying rack. It takes up less space than others and super easy to clean. Perfectly fits my pump and bottle parts, and doesn’t make my countertops look hideous. 😉

Collapsible Utility Wagon – A much needed item for upcoming Fall sports! This specifc one is a little cheaper than others and has a table with cup holders! I haven’t used it yet, so I can’t give a personal review of it yet. Other customer reviews looked great and its a #1 Best Seller.

Infant Baby Pool Float I recently posted a picture with this on my Instagram and many people asked where I got it from. It’s the first of it’s kind, that I’ve personally seen. Tiny babies can go in and float (100% supervised) in the pool! Until this, I’ve only had the floats with the leg holes for baby’s 6 months and up. It would also be great to use at the beach for a seat to put baby in, elevated, for naps and people watching!

Round Neck Loose Tunic Top –  Amazon fashion y’all! 🙂 I bought this tunic after seeing another blogger raving about it. It comes in all sorts of colors and for $17.99, it’s worth the shot. I was a little surprised at how thick the material is. Definitely not a “summer” shirt for Florida, but I’ll keep around for whatever Fall bring us. It really is a cute shirt plus it has POCKETS!

Wash with Water Baby Lotion – Baby purchase! I absolutely LOVE LOVE this lotion for newborns simply because the ingredients and it’s fresh scent. All organic and natural for sensitive skins. I’m so weird about putting stuff on my newborn’s skin before they’re 2 months…maybe I’m scared I’ll “ruin” their amazing soft skin. I know it’s on the expensive side, but one goes a long ways when you’re only bathing and moisturizing your newborn every couple days. My husband says all my baby’s are way too spoiled when they get a massage after each bath with this lotion. 🙂

Ticonderoga 30 count Pre-Sharpened Pencils – Don’t ask me why (maybe a teacher could tell you!) but these are supposedly the best pencils you will ever buy! If you’re not already buying Pre-sharpened pencils…do you hate yourself?

Nap Mat Set If you have a child in preschool who needs nap supplies, this is PERFECT! The set is all attached (pillow, bottom & top blanket) and super easy to roll up and transfer home for washings.

Toddler Boys Hanes Boxer Briefs Ugh, seriously so cute! LOL I first purchased these off Amazon because the store I went to didn’t have the size I needed in the briefs.

Bursting Boba – My daughter asked for these because she loves to put them on top of her ice cream like you would at one of those Frozen Yogurt shops. With four kids and yogurt shops not having drive-thrus, I made the wise decision to just buy our own.

Slim Ice Packs for Lunch Boxes – Fun shaped and SLIM to perfectly fit in everyone’s lunchboxes for school!

Faithgirlz Bible – The best bible for young girls. I bought for my 7 year old daughter and love the format and color theme. It has little tidbits of fun information throughout for young girls to get thinking about how their lives relate.

Gymnastics Bar Birthday present for my little girl and every single person in this house loves it! The kids play on it all the time. SCORE! It’s large, so we haven’t figured out where to keep it yet since right now it’s way too hot in the garage. (It’s currently in the entry way of the house) It’s also crazy heavy, solid, and stable. This one had the best reviews at a decent price. There are 12 different height options, so nobody will outgrow this anytime soon.

Stainless Steel Straws – Jump on the Eco-Friendly bandwagon and help save the turtles! 🙂 I purchased these because they have the silicone tips included. I hate the way metal straws hit my teeth sometimes. They also come with a cleaning brush!

Milk Drunk Protein Powder – I’m happy I can finally give my review of this purchase. I ordered the Vanilla flavor and dislike it, so I’m linking you the Mocha flavor because I hear it’s 150x better. The vanilla flavor is crazy sweet and overpowers everything I’ve tried it in. Since I love the ingredients so much, I still use it, but can only do half the recommended amount (1/2 scoop). That means I’m not getting all the good ingredients that I purchased it for. Bummer!

Ora Organics Chocolate Protein Powder –  Winner winner! This vegan protein powder is phenomenal and I’ve had zero issues with it. I usually get stomach problems with protein powders, and this one has digestive enzymes specially chosen for their ability to aid good digestion. All the ingredients (more than 20 different superfoods) are organic and it’s free of gluten, dairy, and whey. It’s on the expensive side, but so worth it if you’re in the market for a protein powder.

6″ Hair Bows Larger, sturdy bows in very color you need. This is my 2nd time making this exact purchase (where the heck do bows run off to?!)

Thermos Funtainer Food Jar –  For my little one’s lunch boxes. These things come in like 100 different colors and characters. I use them for soup, rice, mac-n-cheese, ravioli, and last night’s left overs for the kid’s lunches.

Skater Dress –  I don’t care what anyone says, Amazon has some great fashion finds at an amazing price…and hello, you get it in 2 days! The material is like a heavy linen, so it wrinkles easily but the fit and length is great. Buttons are nonfunctional for minimal wardrobe mishaps! 🙂

Facial Roller  Oh the pampered life…while laying in my bed with 4 kids yelling around me. I feel like these are crazy popular right now so I just went ahead and got one for myself to see what all the hype was about. First, it’s so pretty! Second, it’s supposed to reduce bloating, puffiness, redness so I’m all about that life! I keep it in the fridge and bring it out at night…and feel quite fancy.

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