Amazon Finds & Buys – April

May 9, 2018

Time for this month’s installment of Amazon finds and buys!

Confession: Like many of you, I am an Amazon addict. I receive multiple Amazon boxes a week and more than half the time I couldn’t tell you what was in them at the moment they arrive. I Amazon at soccer games, hanging by the pool, and sitting at red lights. I Amazon EVERYWHERE. Amazon is now a verb.

I’d say 70% of the time when someone asks where I got something, I reply “Amazon!” There are usually semi-interesting life stories about each purchase, why I bought it, or how I even found it. These are the stories I tell my husband when he asks why, how, and what is in the Amazon boxes.

I find amazing things and great deals on Amazon weekly and I think it’s time I let you in on my finds. Who knows, someone out there might also be looking for a solution for outdoor pet odor.

Capezio Daisy Ballet Shoe
My daughters are both in dance classes and their recital is coming up. Penelope grew out of her shoes months ago, so they’ve been sharing one pair ever since. I realized they can’t share a pair at recital and I needed another pair anyways.

Giant Pineapple Pool Raft
Last summer I purchased a bunch of different pool floats. All the popular ones, like the flamingo, an avocado, and swan. All the ones with the hole in the middle. All the ones that aren’t kid-friendly. They were almost a safety hazard so we rarely used them. This pool season had to have different rafts that the kids could actually use. This pineapple raft is flat and easy for the kids to stay/play on.

3-Tier Serving Platter
I have a 2-tier serving platter and just upgraded to a 3-tier because it holds more food for parties. LOL That is my only explanation for buying this.

Black & Decker 4-Slice Toaster
Soley bought because mornings are easier with 3 kids and a 4-slice toaster. The 2-slice toaster wasn’t cutting it. Upgrade!

Portable Cell Phone Charger
This was a repeat purchase since my other portable cell phone charger mysteriously died…I think it had something to do with my two-year-old, but that’s only speculation. These are perfect for anyone who works on their phone or enjoys taking a million pictures on vacation. at theme parks, etc.

Pet Yard Odor Eliminator 
Once upon a time I was laying out by my pool, mocktail in hand, enjoying myself while my husband played with the kids in the pool. A few minutes in I started getting whiffs of dog urine. GROSS. I googled remedies for pet yard odor and this popped up on Amazon. Bought then and there, arrived 2 days later, and sprayed on my yard the next day. The bottle attaches to the hose, making the application super easy.

Artificial Topiary Spiral 4′ Trees
I had two other artificial topiary trees on my front porch for almost two years. Hurricane Irma and other crazy high-wind storms knocked them over multiple times, leaving them sad, spotty, and crooked. I purchased these to replace those sad trees and I was pleasantly surprised that their bases were a lot heavier than the last ones. I’m hoping that means they won’t fall over so many times.

Steve Madden Greece Flat Sandals (Hermès Dupe)
A fashion blogger posted these on Instagram and at first glance I was like “oh those are cute!” THEN, she posted the almost exact same pair but for $710 by designer Hermès. SOLD! Who doesn’t love an amazing designer dupe?! I’m such a sucker.

1/2 Gallon Insulated Water Jug
This was a purchase I made literally minutes after leaving the soccer fields on a hot, sunny day. My daughter and almost her entire team ran out of water during their game. She hasn’t run out of water since this purchase.

Nursing Bras (3 pack)
These nursing bras were recommended to me by a friend and when I saw the 2400+ reviews on them, I knew I had to try them out! Plus, a 3 pack of nursing bras for $22 is a no-brainer.

Mickey Mouse Sandwich/Cookie Cutters
My son’s birthday is coming up and I’m using these to cut out watermelon. He also starts school in August so I’ll be using them to make him cute sandwiches in his first lunchbox. Que the tears.

Little Tikes T-ball Set
Birthday present for my two-year-old little boy!

Quinn’s Alcohol Free Witch Hazel – Rose petal & Aloe Vera
I’ve known about witch hazel for quite some time, starting back to my tanning bed employee days. A customer would wipe herself down with witch hazel before getting a spray tan. She had that porcelain doll skin and I thought witch hazel was a secret ingredient to achieving that same skin for myself. I also went into tanning beds, so obviously wasn’t that interested in getting porcelain skin at the time. Fast forward 10 years and I’m in my 30’s looking for any and all natural skin care to make my skin flawless. Witch Hazel acts as an all-in-one cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. It’s  an acne fighter, treats varicose veins, heals bruises, reduces puffy eyes, treats razor burn, refreshes skin, treats sunburns, and eases eczema & psoriasis. Dude, sign me up! That’s why this was in one of my Amazon boxes this month.

Bridgewater Candle Room Spray
Another Instagram inspired purchase and WOW, this spray is strong and makes your entire room smell amazing! I have this weird obsession with making my house smell like a fancy hotel. (These are my confessions…) I made the mistake of spraying it in my car when I first opened it and we all almost passed out and died. This spray is great for living rooms and other large rooms in your house, but DO NOT spray in a tiny space!

Nest Security Camera System
I cannot recommend this camera system enough. I was initially looking for a new baby monitor and these are that…plus more. The cameras were super easy to install by myself and that’s something to say for an entire indoor security system!

I have a problem.

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